The Parish greatly appreciates all giving and sincerely thanks all our parishioners who help this way, whether by envelope ,standing order or PayPal.  

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Standing Order
If contributing this way please fill in shaded areas and put in offertory box at Altar or leave or post directly to Fr. Mac Entee at 35a Esker Road.

Gift Aid
The gift aid form is very beneficial to the Parish and anyone who gives to the Church by envelope , PayPal or Standing order can fill it in so long as they pay tax (even on a pension)

– If you have signed a gift aid form to the Parish before over the last couple of years there is NO NEED to do so again .
Please remember that Gift aid costs you nothing and benefits considerably as the table shows . The table is only there to give information and not to direct your choice of sum.

We suggest that when ‘normality ‘ returns to us that even those contributing by PayPal or standing order continue to use and receive envelopes in order to have something to put in the basket and avoid any embarrassment .  Without putting anything in the envelope they can write PP or SO on the envelope which will help us at the count.

If your circumstances are not good or you are out of work please do not feel any pressure to contribute in any way .